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Have you ever wanted to shoot video during a photography session? Have no idea where to start? Are you intimidated by video editing?

By now you have heard that video is king, and now is the time to add video to your business. Whether it's for marketing, or as an additional service to your photography offerings, we want to make it easy for you to learn the fundamentals of shooting and editing video. 

Join us for this hands on workshop to learn how to shoot video with your DSLR camera + learn to edit the footage to create films in your photography business.

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Choose both sessions for a complete learning experience. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018
Shoot session: 10am-1pm
Edit session: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Social House
512 Lucerne Ave.
Lake Worth, FL

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You will learn camera movement techniques, audio, story boards and planning. Additional equipment will be provided to experiment. You will learn from a hands on approach, learning theory and then applying in a workshop setting. By the end, you will have footage ready to edit!


You will learn how to edit a video from start to finish, with a hands on approach using your own computer and editing suite. You will learn simple editing sills and software. Leave the session ready to edit videos for your own photography business. 

Shoot + Edit

Both the shooting and editing sessions are included. Take the shots you created during the shoot session and learn to edit them to create an edited video. This is the best option for people who want to incorporate videos into their photography business.

you'rE only one workshop away from creating videos of your own!

Let's Shoot!

Shoot + Edit

Choose to attend one or both sessions

Ready to Edit

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Seats are currently full. We plan to have at least one more workshop in 2018. Add your email and be the first to know when we announce the date. 

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about Mary + JAmie

These two own and operate a wedding cinematography studio, that has been filming  weddings and events since 2008. Since 2015, they have been leading an associate team of shooters and editors, filming more than 100 events per year. 

Mary has been a key speaker at InFocus- a national wedding filmmaker's conference. Has sat on the judges panel for the Lucent Film Fest and loves a good margarita.
Jamie by trade is a BCBA, and has degrees in applied behavior analysis and organizational behavior managemet. Her strengths are in creating training programs and corporate systems and loves craft beer.

Yin and Yang, Lucy and Desi, Salty and Sweet, polar opposites!

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This workshop is geared towards photographers (or those who already know their DSLR Camera) who want to learn how to shoot and improve their video shooting and editing skills. 

Is the workshop right for me?

•  "I have played around with the video on my DSLR and would like to improve the image."
•  "I would like to shoot video clips during my photography sessions but not sure where to start."
•  "I have shot some video during a photo session but haven't edited it."
•  "I am a lifestyle or family photographer and would like to add video feature to my packages."

You will need the following equipment for the workshop:

What equipment Do I need?

•Camera strap
•DSLR camera and lens kit with video function
•At least 16GB memory card
•Knowledge on camera settings, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, exposure. 
•Knowledge on basic video functions: how to turn on, record, ect. 

Shoot Session

•Video editing software (iMovie, Movie Maker, FCP, Premire) 
•Card reader
•External hard drive or memory on computer with at least 16GB of free space
•Knowledge of your computer and uploading cards 

Edit Session


Let's do this!

Camera movEment techniques
using light as motion
understanding video settings
Planning for the edit
audio capture and tools
try additional video equipment
hands on break out session

Learn how to edit video
step by step instruction
Understand video editing principles 
music licensing
applying story boards
Editing platform review
Audio leveling
exporting and usage


Shoot Session

Edit Session

COUNT ME IN for both sessions!!

Only 15 spots avialable and will sell out.

Here is what will be covered in each session. There are two sessions that make up the workshop

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Seats are currently full. We plan to have at least one other workshop in 2018. Add your email and we can email you when we announce the date. 

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